Our Team

Our skilled consultants work nationally and have experience across a broad range of business sectors. This wealth of knowledge and capability enables us to provide the right consultant with the best skills and experience in conducting the programs.



He has a combined experience in lecturing and consulting of about 24 years. He is a qualified and registered trainer with PSMB. He has to date trained about 7,500 participants and about 800 training days under his belt. He combines practicality and humor in order to get the message across.

Some of his key clients are IBM, Panasonic, Ministry of  Defense, Glaxo Smith Kline, Century Software, Agility and Daimler Chrysler, Petronas, Shell, JVC, Monash University, Taylors College, IMU and Prudential

With the years of experience in training and consulting, Kumar formulated a development program called SEED, which in effect transforms an individual inside out in achieving optimum potential. This particular program was implemented successfully at a logistic organization, PERITRANS and currently in an insurance agency to about 20 participants. He also was involved in creating a comprehensive competency dictionary for a software company,ie Century Software to put in place a Customer Centric organization.

His passion lies in mind science and human potential and development. His main theme in all his programs is – ‘Know Thyself’. His reason is because, people will continue to struggle in whatever they do as long as they operate out of conditioned insecurities within them.

He has produced two books, ‘Ipoh Mali’ and ‘Timeless Stories’.

His education is in law. He obtained his degree from University of London and his masters from University Malaya.


Name:  G. Vasu Thevan

Vasu is an experienced motivator and a soft skill trainer today in Malaysia with 20 years of experience. He has an MBA in HR Training & Development and a PSMB approved trainer who is fully qualified and experienced in facilitating people of any category. He is fluent in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Vasu is involved in Training, Coaching, Creating & Customizing training modules & Consulting. His areas of specialization are People Management, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Customer Service, Coaching & Mentoring and Stress Management.

In addition over the years Vasu has conducted for more than 50 well known organisations in Malaysia and carried out consulting work  with many organizations, i.e. CBM (Competency Based Management) at Epson Precision (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.,  ACTION values co-creation and implementation project for Safeguard Securicor, Sales Improvement project for Magnus Quest Sdn. Bhd., Sales Improvement project for Biotech Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Strategic Management Project for the Sports & Youth Minister’s working group and setting customer-centric culture for Century Software Sdn. Bhd. and Sales Improvement  project for GlaxoSmithKline.

Vasu has been interviewed in the television 4 times, appeared in the press 5 times and aired live through Radio 6 for an hour.

Vasu is the founder of Science Of Achieving Results (SOAR) processes, Increasing Collaborative Intelligence (CQ), The – 2P Paradigm – A new management paradigm and culture rehabilitation to create consistent performers in the corporate world, P.A.J.E.R.O – A new problem solving model that encompasses use of IQ and EQ in solving problems, Flying the Eagle – To create high performers – in organizations, EQ Management – Developed EQ enhancement tools applicable across a wide range of Asian organizations, ELP (Experiential Learning process) – an effective training methodology used by many organization, 4R Tool – Workable Psychotherapy to enable the mind to shift from being reactive to proactive.


Mark S. Chatterton F.C.I.I.
(Masri Mark bin Abdullah)
Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Mark started his business career in Sales and Marketing by joining the Life Assurance industry in the early eighties and rose rapidly through the ranks qualifying for Million-Dollar Round Table, Court of the Table and Top of the Table on multiple occasions, the natural progression was then on to agency development and management in which he also excelled building he agency to five branches each with on average thirty agents and junior leaders in each branch. A salesman at heart his primary ambition was always to develop within himself the skills needed to sell any product in a fast moving and constantly changing environment. After spending a number as years as a top branch manager in the UK he decided to return to  his passion for sales and to expand his client network and experience overseas as an independent broker (IFA) advising expatriates of all nationalities on where to invest in the often confusing and dangerous offshore market. Mark’s offshore broking firm LinMarc International Ltd became a leading player in offshore international financial planning. Founded in 1990 as an offshore brokerage LinMarc was established to provide clients of all nationalities with professional help and guidance on how to make excess income and savings work harder, whilst at the same time, maintaining the flexibility and service required due to changing circumstances. Moving away from the traditional offshore investments in 2003, LinMarc date the decision to develop and promote investments that were mostly uncorrelated to the traditional markets to help reduce the client’s risks to the swings and moods of the usual investment markets.

As an NLP Practitioner Mark has now been able to fine tune his own sales and marketing skills to develop his businesses by modelling others. He only wishes he had been able to learn this amazing set of tools earlier in his career, his successes in helping people would then have been much greater. Sales & Marketing is all about people and people’s perceptions, if we are able to understand how our clients and customers see their world then we can give them what they want when they want, once we can get inside their head the rest is easy.

Mark has been privileged to deliver his training programmes in, Africa, the Middle East and throughout South East Asia and China, Some of his corporate clients include:

Africa Life, Botswana Life Insurance, Scottish Provident Assurance, Citibank, First National Bank (South Africa), Eagle Star (UK), Apex Unit Trusts, Prudential, Public Mutual, AIA, MAA, Great Eastern, FMUTM, BHLB, Coca Cola (Africa), Revlon (South Africa), Ford Motor Company, Cannon, Nu-Skin, Berjaya Group, Sunway Group, Legand Holidays, Siemens, Promuda, Boustead, Astro (Measat), Genting Group, KUB.com, Celcom, Garden School International, Taylors College, National Sports Council, MIM, Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM), Orion International, Allianz Malaysia, AXA Affin, AIG Indonesia, PT Buss Indonesia and many more.


Zachary is an Assistant Professor at Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. He has more than 20 years of people management, education and communication experience. He started his career in the bank namely, United Asian Bank Berhad.

He left the services after 5 years to pursue his then dream job in the Advertising world.

He started life in Advertising as a Traffic Controller but moved to client servicing after one year. He served at two reputable creative organisations namely, Bates International and Lim Kok Wing as Account Executive and Senior Account Manager respectively. It was during his time at the agencies that he realized his strengths in communication, creativity and people skills blossoming. This motivated a change in career direction.

He moved to Stamford College as his first experience in education. And was immediately made Lecturer In Charge for Advertising programme. He was voted Best Overall and Most Active Lecturer in 1999 along with many other accolades. He provided in-house training for staff and students in areas of effective communication skills, motivation and leadership.

He holds a post-graduate diploma and M.A, Marketing from the University of Northumbria Newcastle, United Kingdom. He is also an accomplished emcee, delivering quality performances in all events undertaken. Some of the most notable events include emceeing the Motorola International Conference 2008, FIABCI Annual Dinner 2005 and 2006, UTAR Convocation Ceremony 2009-2011, Malaysian Indian Cricket Annual Dinner 2009 and 2010, signing of MOU ceremonies and wedding receptions.

Zachary has over the years engaged himself in training staff to drive for excellence and practice effective communication. He is a believer in the need to Change, converting negative attitudes and action through the power of positive communication His clients also include Telekoms Malaysia, Eurocopter Malaysia, Tourism Malaysia, Oil and Gas Companies, Hotels and Banks.

Dr. Arivalan Ramaiyah

Dr.Arivalan’s trainings are known to be highly interactive with valuable and relevant participant centered activities such as role play, brain storming, games, case studies, discussions, storytelling, video sessions, quizzes, individual and group exercises, ice breakers, presentations, mind mapping, scenario planning, small projects, and debates. His training programs are often tailor made to suit the participants’ expectation. His audiences include: general managers, managers, company directors, executives, principals, lecturers, supervisors, CEOs, front line staff, government officials, NGOs and general public.

Sarasa Balaraman

Sarasa is a Consultant and a certified Train-The-Trainer from Human Resource Development Council. She has vast exposure and experience through various administrative, supervisory, and managerial positions she previously held in the manufacturing, education and finance industries. She understands the demand of workforce in today’s competitive world. Through the instruments of training, she is delighted to participate and contribute to people and process development.

Mr. Leong A Sam

Sam, as he is fondly called, has many years of professional experience in various business activities and areas and is also a very active community service leader who has served in various capacities in business and voluntary organizations. He is also co-founder of the Success Dynamics Series of Self-improvement and Skill Training Programs. He has led many seminars for businesses and voluntary organizations and has also facilitated MBA sessions on Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Globalization of Business.

Naina Mohamed

Naina have been with the Audio-Visual, Automotive, Printing, Property Development, Construction, Timber and Food industries, in capacities ranging from Engineer, Group Engineer, Manager, Plant Manager, Senior Negotiator, Project Director and Managing Director. He had since been training and consulting for organizations such as PETRONAS, the National Electricity Board, the National Bank, the various government ministries and agencies including Parliament House, and large corporations, further to training in Mauritania, Turkmenistan, Abu Dhabi, Sudan, Philipines, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia.

Mary Magdalene

She is a specialist in Human Resource, Training Consultant and Lecturer. She ensures that every step is taken to improve staff development, performance and managing change which is of significant importance and has passion and enthusiasm in the process which gives her great satisfaction in achieving the results. Having worked in the corporate environment for more than 30 years, and having had the opportunity to communicate extensively, she understands the importance of good communication skills in the workplace.

Maria Rufina

Being a trainer, facilitator and coach, as at to date, Maria has conducted over 800 training, facilitation and consultation both locally and internationally. Maria has also conducted numerous training and consultancy projects for various organizations in the Oil & Gas industry. Apart from delivering signature programs which have been used as “induction”, Maria had also served as a Behavioral Based Safety Training Consultant for a year in the Off Shore Drill Rig and Training Consultant at the Qatar Gas.

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